Drift King of RTRiga Rules


Registration for Drift King of RTRiga races requires a participation fee of 10 euros per round or 40 euros for the entire season.
EU citizens are eligible to participate.
Only participants using Force Feedback steering systems are allowed in the races.
Group Allocation:

Participants will be divided into groups the day before each round (Saturday). The group list will be published in the designated channel 🎲-groups.

Joining the Server:

On race day, each group will be invited to join the server separately. When joining the server, ensure that your IN-GAME CHAT is open.
Practice runs can be done on the race server until called back to the pits. Once the instruction “PIT PIT PIT” appears in the game chat, return to your pit immediately.
Race Start: You will be invited to start with your name displayed in the game chat. Your in-game nickname must match your real name. Your race will begin with the help of the traffic lights.
Download the Traffic Lights (Tsujigiri semaphore) from https://rtriga.lv/download.

Finishing a Run:

After the first run (completed or not), return to the starting line by driving. Teleporting back to the start is only allowed with the permission of the officials. Teleporting to the start without permission in the second run will result in a score of 0.
Leaving the Server:

If you need to leave the server, make sure to do so while no one else is driving.

Tandem Runs:

Participants for tandem runs will be grouped separately and called to the race server in the 🎲-groups channel. All other rules for tandem runs are the same as for qualification.
Waiting for Results: After your tandem runs, stop as it will showed before each round and wait for the results to be announced.


Virtual drifting is a simulation of real racing experiences using gaming software and hardware. It involves using a force feedback (FFB) steering base, pedals, and possibly other input devices to control the car in the game with a realistic driving experience.
Drifting involves controlled sideways sliding along a pre-defined, marked track, subjectively evaluated by judging referees during the race, which can also be performed in a virtual environment.
Participants are not allowed to behave aggressively during the race (writing insulting comments, gesturing, or otherwise offending or threatening judges, officials, or other athletes). Such behavior will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and may result in penalties, including disqualification from the race for repeated unsportsmanlike behavior.
Runs start at the scheduled time. Each driver is responsible for timely arrival at the start of their run.
Participants must use a steering base with FFB in their runs.
Participants must have the in-game text chat open during the race.
Cars used in the race must not have their data changed in any way (car physics, spoilers, rims, etc.).
Both qualification and tandem runs are done with a single set of tires.
Teleporting to the pits after the first run is only allowed with officials’ permission. Permission must be requested in the game’s text chat.
Teleporting to the pits without officials’ permission: Qualification, Tandem second run will be scored as 0 (zero) points.
Participants must remain in their pit area during the race until their name is called in the game’s text chat.
Failure to be in the pit area until your name is called. After the second warning, which will be issued in the game’s text chat, further participation in the stage will be denied.
The evaluated run starts when the race car crosses the start line and ends when the car crosses the finish line. The finish line must be marked as a double cone line on both sides of the track.

PRIVATE CAR DESIGNS (Livery) Conditions

Each driver who registers for a round have the opportunity to use their private car design during the race.

⦁ Each individual design must feature sponsor logos.
(Sponsor logos can be downloaded here – ⁠https://rtriga.lv/download )
⦁ The Drift King of RTRiga logo must be placed so that it is clearly visible even from a distance.
(Logo priorities below in the image)
⦁ In the logo download file, a name panel and all necessary fonts are included.
⦁ Logo colors can be changed to suit your design.
⦁ Car wheels must be painted with at least 10% contrast color of the whole wheel.
⦁ The design must not exceed 25mb compressed and 30mb uncompressed.
⦁ Additional lights under the car are allowed, but they must not flash or otherwise distract drivers and judges.
⦁ The submitted design zip file must be organized into folders – [Chosen car] \ [Skins] \ [Your name]. Example – vdc_nissan_s15_public_2jz\skins\E_Lasmanis


⦁ Changing the front windshield banner.
⦁ Removing or replacing any car parts.
⦁ Flashing lights.
⦁ Changing the transparency of the windshield and side windows.
⦁ Any manipulation with brake lights.
⦁ Designs must not contain offensive, vulgar, political, or adult content.

Designs that violate these rules will not be allowed to participate in the race, and the organizer will change them to the original Drift King of RTRiga design.

Design submission will close with registration for each stage.

The design submission process will be further clarified.

Remember to follow the rules, and good luck to all participants!